About The Compiler of Strange Engines

Strange Engines is the work of John Lamb, a writer and sometime historian from the Chattanooga, Tennessee area.  Originally from Maryland, as a child he enjoyed places like the Strasberg Railroad in Pennsylvania, Hagley Museum in Deleware, altthe B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore well as old mills like Wye Mill and Rock Run Mill in Maryland.

His interest in the Civil War was sparked by a gift of a book filled with images from period illustrated newspapers – ships, ironclads, monitors, as well as some research into a relative who fought in the war.

After graduating from college in 1993 with a BA in history and journalism he worked for a couple years in community journalism, and another couple years in music retailing, before working for a non-profit agency.  He has now worked in communications and resource development for two successive agencies for a total of nearly 10 years.

Meanwhile, he has been working on history of the 2nd Maryland Infantry, U.S. for publication –www.2ndmdinfantryus.org had several articles published in America’s Civil War Magazine, and is working on a book telling the story of the Baltimore Steam Gun aka the Winans Steam Gun.

His interest is Civil War submarines and naval vessels was kindled with news of the location of the C.S.S. Hunley – he traveled to South Carolina to see her as she was recovered and moved ashore for conservation, and returned again to witness the funeral of her crew.

Besides his Civil War interests he also makes and produces field recordings of Shape Note singing- a 19th century American religious tradition that is still conducted in many places throughout the country.

His work on the Steam Gun gained press attention during December 2007 as he as featured as a guest on Episode 93 of Mythbusters as they took on the Winans Steam Gun.

This appearance resulted in several news accounts including:





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