About John W. Lamb

It has occurs to me that some reading this page may be interested to know a bit more about its creator.

When I was perhaps 8 years old, we went on a trip to see a relative in New England.  Being a bookish sort of child, I looked through here bookcase and found a small illustrated history of the Civil War from the 1960s- its pages were filled with wonderful engravings of ships, weapons, ironclads, etc.  I would say that my fascination with the Civil War began there, but later grew as I learned that I had several relatives who fought in the war.

Childhood visits to places like the Hagley Museum in Delaware (a 19th century gunpowder factory) http://www.hagley.lib.de.us/ Rock Run Mill http://www.dnr.state.md.us/publiclands/susquehannahistory.html The Wye Mill http://www.oldwyemill.org/index.html, The Strasburg Railroad http://www.strasburgrailroad.com/ The B&O Railroad Museum  http://www.borail.org/)

andThe National Museum of American History http://americanhistory.si.edu/ helped fuel a passion for history and an interest in railroads and mechanical things.

After completing bachelor’s degrees in history and news editorial journalism, I took a detour into a couple of side gigs which included a summer stint as a tour guide/ticket agent for the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum, before getting into communications/ development work for in non-profit human service agencies.

Along the way I have worked on a history of the 2nd Maryland Infantry which hopefully will be published someday – http://www.2ndmdinfantryus.org, produced several field recordings of shapenote singing http://www.2ndmdinfantryus.org/oldharp.html, wrote a couple articles about the Civil War, one of which is still online after 10 years http://www.historynet.com/americas-civil-war-major-general-john-popes-narrow-escape-at-clarks-mountain.htm


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