Rain’s Subterra Shells

Gabriel Rain’s bears the dubious honor of introducing landmines during the Civil War, during the Peninsula Campain.  His Subterra shells used as land mines and booby traps created a bit of a challenge for Union forces.  Click here for an article about Rains and his explosives work. http://maic.jmu.edu/JOURNAL/6.1/notes/robbins/robbins.htm

Rain’s deadly hanywork was put to use at Battery Wagner to fend off the attack by the 54th Massachusett- Rain’s Subterra shells were pressed into service as immense hand grenades.  This along with a heavily entrenched position helps explain the terrible loss of live in the 54th, whose service is recounted in the movie Glory.


One Response to “Rain’s Subterra Shells”

  1. Michael B Says:

    I’d recommend the book “Infernal Machines – The Story of Confederate Submarine and Mine Warfare” by Milton F. Perry for more on the subterra shells, coal torpedoes, submarines, rams, etc.

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