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Pope’s Escape At Clark’s Mountain (Article)

Posted in Misc. Civil WaR Stuff on March 3, 2009 by secondmdus

A shameless bit of self-promotion …

Ten years ago, my article on General Pope’s escape from Lee at Clark’s Mountain, Virginia was published in America’s Civil War. Ten years is a long time on the Internet -I’m amazed its still on their website, but it is!

The article presents an example of generations of historians being led astray by a report written to cover the existence of a spy who provided crucial intelligence with a story of cavalry coming upon sleeping Confederate generals and capturing a copy of Lee’s plan.  It really happened, but the cavalry came back long after the spy had saved Pope’s troops – had he not snuck out of the Confederate camp, swum across a river, and reported the location

This story, and others like that of the Winans Steam Gun elsewhere on this blog, are a good reminder that just because lots of sources say something is fact, it isn’t always so!