The Portland

Like many news junkies I tend to look at the news headlines on Yahoo frequently.  A few days ago, a story caught my attention … it read “The Portland, known as the “Titanic of New England,” sank off the Massachusetts coast Nov. 26, 1898, after it sailed from Boston, taking more than 190 people with it.”

As I read the story of divers stretching their limits and that of their gear to reach the wreck of the Portland, something from my childhood passed before my memory.

One day, long ago, my great-grandmothers best friend came to her home and borrowed her suitcase – she was going away on a steam boat excursion. She would never return – she had sailed on a ship called the Portland that had gone down with all hands- my g-grandmother reportedly said, upon hearing the news, “that was my best suitcase!”

It is truly chilling to view the images of the wreck, and to realize that something that belonged to your ancestor so long ago nestles among the ruins of the once proud vessel, along with the remains of my g-grandmothers friend and the other souls who met their doom on that long ago night.

Click here for the article:

Click here for more on the ship



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