Gallifrey (Verne, The Nautilus, and Winans Ironclads)

If you have an interest in Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under Sea you need to check out Michael Crisafulli’s website – Gallifrey.  Michael has a wealth of information on his site regarding various approaches to the designs of the Nautilus.  As a sidelight to his thoughts and 3d images of various Nautilus designs, Michael also has a detailed section on the Winans Cigar Ships, and for those interested in devices to populate war games, a unique class of massive steam driven cigar-shaped ironclads that the Winanses tried to convince the Russian Navy to build in the 1860s. Michael has done a great job of digging up images of the Winans Ships as well as many references – perhaps he and I will combine forces and information at some point to write a book on the ships!


One Response to “Gallifrey (Verne, The Nautilus, and Winans Ironclads)”

  1. My web site, described above, has moved. The new address is and the name is regenerating as “The Vernian Era”.

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