Albert Pott’s Centrifugal Battery (1857)

Albert Pott’s Centrifugal Battery

Albert Potts of Philadelphia received a patent for his Centrifugal Battery on May 19, 1857. His design featured a vertically mounted wheel on an axle. This assembly rotated between two a-shaped supports. Force was to be applied to the assembly by a pulley mounted on the right side of the axle while projectiles were fed through the center of the axle on the left side of the device. They passed into a channel inside the wheel, and their exit from the device was controlled by an eccentric that drove a racheted wheel. The angle at which projectiles left the device was also adjustable.[i]


for a full description and additional drawings.

[i] United States Patent # 17,339, May 19, 1857, Centrifugal Battery.

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